The Wehrmacht (German: Defence Force) is the most powerful and advanced army in the Turning Point world, and is the main aggressor in the campaigns.

History Edit

The Wehrmacht is the overall unified armed forces of the Third Reich, consisting of the Heer (army), Luftwaffe (Airforce) and the Kreigsmarine (Navy), whose industrial might is unopposed by any army.

After the armistice of November 11th 1918, Germany's Wehrmacht was severly ristricted by the League of Nations, and the Treaty of Versailles, from which limits and restrictions were put in place;

  • The Rheinland region was to be de-miliarised, only allied troops (Britain and France) were allowed.
  • The Army was to be cut to 100,000 men.
  • The Kriegsmarine was to be cut to 15,000 men, with six battleships, cruisers, Destroyers, and 12 Torpedo boats.
  • No submarines
  • To manufature weapons, tanks, and Armoured cars is prohibited.

Along with the payment of reperations of Germany for the war, this caused serious clashes between protesters and police forces in germany, with protests in front of the Reichstag, but the Weimar Republic was to comply or face aggression by Allied armies, but, when the great depression came, and unemployment skyrocketed, this allowed radical political parties, such as the Nazi Party to gain support.

After Hitler seized control, in 1933, he began to secretly re-arm the Wehrmacht, in contravention of the Versailles Treaty, and when Germany revealed her armies to the world in the Austrian and Czechoslovakian campaigns, the LoN and her members could only watch, but this changed in Germany's invasion of Poland, in September 1939.

Germany soon enveloped most European, Middle-eastern and all Soviet armies in the following years and later in 1953, began to fight weak, and technologically primitive American armies, and, as always with the Wehrmacht, victory after victory came, surrender after surrender.

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