Weapons are the only thing in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty keeping you from being killed by the Nazi Opressers and enabling you to lead the resistance to victory.



MP50 Edit

A modified version of the MP40, this is one of the two standard issue weapons of the Wehrmacht, and it is the first gained in the game in the first level, Blitzkrieg America taking place in NewYork, New York, America. It also has a flashlight mounted on the bottom front and a solid stock.

Gewehr 47 Edit

The standard issue semi-automatic rifle of the German Army, which is the direct descendant of the Gewehr 43 rifle of our World War II. A 15 round magazine and semi-automatic rate of fire make it a deadly weapon in the hands of a marksman.


The MG42.

MG48 Edit

A general-purpose machine gun developed as a successor to the MG42. The Resistance makes use of them whenever they are found. It is one of the rarest guns in the game and there is little to no ammo that can be found for this gun. In the first level, there is a mounted version of it in the destroyed train car.

Gewehr 48s Vampir and Gewehr 49 Edit

The sniper variant of the Gewehr 47, it features a longer barrel and no iron sights. The Gewehr 48s Vampir is designed for night sniping as it has an

A Gewehr 47 as it appears in-game.

infrared scope, A useful feature of which is that it reveals the position of enemy snipers with infrared scopes, making it an effective counter-sniper weapon. Essentially a scaled down version of the larger ZG 1229.the Vampir Infared scope fits atop of the Gewehr 48s Sniper Rifle.The scope and the 36-watt illuminator weighed in at about 2.5g and attaches to special factory modified fittings on the top of the rilfe. the Vampir Infared Scope is only effective out to roughly 100m.

FG44 Karbine Edit

A descendant of the FG42, designed for use as a Squad automatic weapon for Paratroop units. it posseses the
An FG44 as it appears in-game.
same magazine capacity and high rate of automatic fire as the FG42, along with the addition of a vertical foregrip, wire stock and mid-range scope, increasing the weapon's range for long range engagements.

Panzerschlag Edit

An anti-armor rocket launcher capable of firing 3 shaped-charge rockets before reloading. Useful for engaging large vehicles such as tanks or low flying aircraft. it uses an unusual video camera-like sight.

MG 48F Karbine Edit

A portable version of the aformantioned MG48, featuring a dual drum magazine and a carrying handle to hold the weapon with while firing. This weapon is often used by SS Elite guard troops in top priority locations.

American Edit

M1 Garand

The Garand.

M1 Garand Edit

A standard piece of U.S. Army equipment, this weapon holds eight rounds and cannot be reloaded until the clip is completely emptied.

US Thompson

The Thompson.

Thompson Submachine Gun Edit

Named the 'Chicago Typewriter' for it's use by gangsters like Al Capone, this weapon's high rate of fire will bring any Nazi down. To improve accuracy, the model use in the game is the M1928A1 military type but strange thing is that it use the 50 round drum magazine instead of the vertical 20 or 30 round Stick magazine. It's high rate of fire also uses up ammunition rather quickly, but the stopping power of the .45 ACP cartridge more than makes up for it.

Combat Shotgun Edit

Can take out German soldiers at close range, this weapon resembles the Winchester Model 1897/1912. It is very slow when reloading and can sometimes be the death of players.

45 lever action carbine Edit

This carbine, based on the famous winchester lever action rifles fire 45 cal ammunition and can take out soldiers from a long or short range, this weapon resembles the Winchester Model 1894.

Colt M1911 .45 Edit

The standard American sidearm, it can be a one-shot kill depending on the location. A good secondary to have with you.