Merchant flag of Japan (1870).svg

Flag of the Japanese Empire

The Empire of Japan are the main allies of the Third Reich in the Turning Point world.


In the late 19th Century, Japan underwent a political and industrial revolution, from which the country became increasingly expansionist and in 1904, began to turn their attention to China, from which they pushed the Russian Empire out of Manchuria in northern China, making it along with Korea, part of the empire.

In the 1930's, Japan went to war with China and began to expand throught the pacific, and in 1942, successfully solidified it's position in Asia through oil supplies gained by German control in the Middle East and Russia.

Japanese Empire (orthographic projection).svg

The Japanese Empire in 1942

In Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Edit

Imperial Japan is not seen or fought in the campaigns but is known to be taking part in the invasion of the United States by striking at the west coasts, presenting the possiblility of a sequel.